A Little Background

Basics first: My name is Cara, I’m 31 years old, I’m married with one daughter (Maisie) and two cats, and my husband (aka Mike/hubs) is a sailor in the US Navy. My professional background is in marketing, but currently I’m a “domestic engineer” whose primary focuses are keeping her child and spouse alive (the felines do fine on their own).

I’m Southern California born and bred, but met The Husband during my 11-month stay in Denver after my mom had convinced not only me, but also my brother and SIL, to all abandon good ol’ Cali. Little did she know that two months in I would meet hubs on Match.com, we would fall head over heels, he would be relocated across the country for work, seven months after that I would follow him, and a month after that we’d be married! Whirlwind romances, anyone? I’ve now been with my ridiculous, nerdy, athletic, foodie musician for three years, including one deployment, one traumatic birth (awful but totally worth it for our incredibly slobbery and adorable little monster), and one upcoming move to the other side of the world, and I wouldn’t change a second of it because it’s made us crazy strong and more in love than ever.

As I’m sure the catmonsters will be intertwined in posts from time to time, I have a lion-cut long-haired tuxedo named Mr. Tiny Cat, and a very vocal torti named Madame Meow. They actually have their own Instagram @atailoftwokittiez, should you feel inclined to follow, but due to the presence of our new human monster I’ll be quick to admit that I don’t post cat pics with any kind of regularity anymore. ‘Tis one of many former activities that fell by the wayside when I became a mother, and since they were both used to being the only babies in the house, I definitely feel a bit guilty sometimes. As things currently stand though, they can survive with an automatic feeder, a water fountain that looks like a flower, and occasional bedtime snuggles. Human baby = slightly more needy than that.

A few other fun facts about me are that I don’t drink or smoke anything ever (used to, but I liked it a bit too much so I stopped almost a decade ago); I have a port wine stain birthmark over my left eye that stretches all the way back over almost the entire left side of my head; I have eight tattoos from shoulder to ankle and plan to get more someday; I hate vinegar and anything pickled, as well as olives, mushrooms, and a handful of other small foods; other than those items, I looooove food–eating it, making it, smelling it, experimenting with it, stealing it from my husband, the works; fitness keeps me sane and has been a major part of my life for a solid eight years or so now; and, as anyone who knows me well will tell you, I have a huge passion for singing and love to perform with the hubs or on a karaoke stage whenever I get the chance.

So I think that’s the meat of it. You’ll learn all kinds of other odds and ends about me over time, but this should be a good start. And if you have any particular questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll holler back at ya as soon as I can!

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